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Lichaba Jewellery specialises in costume and customise Jewellery. Lichaba Jewellery targets everyone who is passionate about great quality Jewellery. As a company we are inspired by all kinds of backgrounds around the world. Our target market is everyone who is image conscious and appreciates variety. Lichaba Creations does not only have trendy Jewelleries, but also create timeless classic pieces.


As part of our develoment process in Lichaba Jewellery we give an opportunity for everyone who is passionate about Jewellery and would like to be in the business of Jewellery. As an organisation we support our agents with Marketing and administration material, so that our agents are able to with ease.


Customised Jewellery

Our proudest moments are when we see a smile on the faces of our customers, after we have designed their dream piece Jewellery.

A lot of our clients are couples who are getting married, requesting specific designs, metals and specific Diamond setting and size.

Lichaba Jewellery created a solid bond with all its clientele, through great quality work.

Costume Jewellery

Our pieces are all produced from precious metal, to make sure that they live forever. We don’t compromise quality, yet we cater for everyone in terms of affordability.

Each and every piece of Lichaba Jewellery has a story behind; this is to make sure that all our pieces are timeless and classic. Our passion for Jewellery is unshakable and always bling every were we go.

The History of Jewellery

Jewels were always part of human culture. Even from the times when humans first started using clothes and tools some 100.000 years ago, jewels were produced from any kind of materials that were available – stones, animal skins, feathers, plants, bones, shells, wood, and natural made semi-precious materials such as obsidian.

As the time went on, advancing technology enabled artisans to start taming metals and precious gems into works of art that influenced entire cultures and many modern jewellery styles. However, even with all advancements of metallurgy and gem processing, the purpose of wearing jewellery always remained the same – they enabled wearer to express himself non-verbally, showcase wealth, rank, political and religious affiliation or affections toward someone. This enabled jewellery to become timeless and a target for constant development and refinement.